Madrid Congress 2015

EESTEC Congress is a statutory meeting that is held once a year in a different city.

It is the most important event for EESTEC. And it is also the biggest and most crowded one. International board, Oversight committee, representatives of all the LC’s (Local Committees), international trainers and other members who are also responsible for the organization, participate in this event. Altogether, between 120 and 170 people take part in this annual event.

During the week, General Meetings are held, in which the International Board and the international teams present their annual reports, General Assembly vote for the following year’s international leadership positions, and the succeeding year’s budget. Changes to EESTEC’s rules of procedure are discussed and approved. There are also debates on matters of interest to EESTEC’s members, such as how to coordinate efficiently the different tasks being done in the different countries, and many others.

EESTEC Congress 2015 will take place in Madrid from May 8th to May 15th. It is a great opportunity for the new students that participate, and all the other EESTEC members, to learn about the methods and concepts of the organization, meet new people and make international connections, which can be important or useful in their future.

Besides all the work, meetings and discussions, participants will also have the opportunity to experience Spanish culture and tradition, visit Madrid, taste the typical Spanish food and see and enjoy all the wonders that the capital of Spain has to offer.