Official Congress App

Hello EESTECers!

We have a huge gift for you! In order to enjoy this congress even more your favorite host LC has developed a wonderful App of the Congress for your smartphones!

If you don’t remember your daily program, don’t panic! This App will remind it for you. You’ll also have information about this Congress, about our sponsors, and about the wonderful city you’re in right now! Obviously, you will have dozens of helping hands during your stay, but it’s also good to have one on your screen just in case.


Main layout of the app


Slide you finger from the left side to the right of your phone to check info available in the app


Slide you finger from the right side to the left of your phone to check your timetable











By the way, we know we are so many people and it’s difficult to know who you are talking to. To make that easier for you, we have included the “People” tag, where you’ll find all participants sorted by their LC.

Another interesting and funny feature is our anonymous chat; log in with a name of your choice and say whatever you want, by just clicking on the ‘Chat’ tag. Also, you can use this chat on your PC!

Each one of you has an account with user and password. Now pay attention! To enter correctly the application your user name must respect the following structure: “Name Surname” (both words starting in capital letters and with a space between both of them)

Passwords will be sent right to your personal e-mail account.

This app is only available for Android (sorry for the iOS people). You can download the APK file from the following link:

See you tomorrow and let’s enjoy the #bestCongressEver.

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