What to do in Madrid?



Dear all,

By the time I’m writing this post, Congress is 4 days away from us, all fitness plans start rushing, and participants and organizers start crafting their database about what Facebook’s profiles they liked most. Do not lie to yourself, you have done it too, you gossip girl (by the way, if you consider yourself a beauty you can link your Facebook profile on the comments below, LC Madrid thanks your help).

Nails are disappearing bite by bite from participant’s hands, wondering what will they do once here, and today’s article is about that very question, What can I do once at Madrid?

First, simple advice, go http://blancas.neoexperience.es/eestec/en/madrid in order to find this plans with discounts as big as binges at Madrid. At this page you can find plans such as,

-Tours through Madrid, in which you will be guided all through the city by segway, or shown the best viewpoints to get that photo reach the 100 likes at once.

-Several flamenco shows where to enjoy Spanish music and food.

-Visits to other Spanish cities which are attached to Madrid, such as Segovia,Avila, Toledo, El Escorial… I need to stop at this point and aware you that in some of this cities, such as Avila and Toledo you will feel like Mr. Frodo climbing Mount Doom, get ready for sharp slopes.

Another plan you may be interested in is Madrid’s amusement park. You will be able to arrive there by underground going to Principe Pio on the 6th, changing trains to the 10th until you reach Batán, and then just walk for a bit. Tickets are sold both online or at the park from 20€, and we organizers have college discounts so try to be convincing.

Anyway I must remind you all that the best roller coaster are 10 beers.




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