EESTEC Congress Madrid 2005

Deep inside the green forests blooming in the idyllic mountains North of Madrid, many tales and stories can be heard when villagers gather as the last feeble spring sun rays give way to the still cold nights. Tales about a memorable gathering that took place decades ago (one decade to be precise) and brought together fantastic creatures from remote lands in this natural landscape.

They celebrated the 19th EESTEC Congress, a historic meeting never to be repeated, where participants took part in heated up discussions, agreed and disagreed on policies and procedures, performances and strategies, presented and discussed projects and candidates and elected their teams and leaders for the forthcoming year.

Stories told by the elders in town speak about a huge tent (others say there were two of them) in the middle of the forest that became alive at sunset, when strange melodies and rituals from distant cultures, cheering and laughter spread throughout the valley. The legend says the creatures inside the tent venerated a god they called “Rebooheetou” by climbing onto each other trying to reach for the light. They were known to break into other cults’ temples to disrupt their peace asking questions for their pagan games.

As the legend goes, every morning after the party mysterious letters appeared hanging from doorknobs and laying on the corridors, depicting the events occurred during the previous night, who from where did what, mentioning only the first letter for each of the three. Apparently, parties were so wild that the god “Rebooheetou” would erase the minds of those who took part in them. Everyone except for the author of this letters, whose signature was an enigmatic “U know u luv me, xoxoxo. Cerdo.”. Thus, the legend of Cerdo began.

In order to move participants and goods, the organizers used two vans and a car they got in exchange for promoting them inside the university halls, much to the surprise of passers-by, and, specially, security staff at the university. Life as it is, the three vehicles ended up crashed, one against a (very narrow) street lamp, and the other two against each other. No living creatures were hurt though, except for the insurance providers.

Tales mention what the organizers of this magical convention provided for their guests to defeat starvation. The darkest rumors tell stories about large pieces of raw meat they called “Hamon” being thrown to the crowd that, tired of the fish-rich diet at the residence, would fight for them with claws and teeth, carving the meat out to the bone. Whenever this creatures would run out of food, they would sack the frightened nearby towns. Evidence is preserved of a large crowd devouring all the “cochinillo” stored as reserves in Segovia, and then handing out a piece of paper with a fax number as payment, joyously stating that “our university will pay for this meal” to the speechless townsman.

Lately, rumors of a new gathering have been spreading throughout the territory. The youngest amongst the locals will nervously discard them as grandparents’ stories to scare children. But the elders remember, they know. The word is out.

EESTEC is coming.


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