History of Cerdo

Dear all,

Today’s story is about one of the oldest participant in the history of EESTEC’s Congresses, Cerdo, which means “pig” in spanish.





Let’s start from the beginning, it’s 2004, and raising enough money for a Congress is not a challenge but a suicide commitment. LC Madrid, a.k.a. LC Pomada, get chosen and say that they are saving enough money from that very moment, starting a money collect where hats got filled by condoms,  chewing gums and all sorts of usefull rubbish.

2005 finally arrives and LC Ljubljana decides to come by van, Santa Claus style, with a present for LC Madrid, the Cerdo. Cerdo was a piggy bank where funds for the next Congress were supposed to be introduced, however, when guys from LC Madrid decided to open it, they found it filled in with papers, not green, happiness-giving ones, but white written, full of gossips about the participants.

Since then, Cerdo has visited every EESTEC Congress, satisfying every EESTECer curiosity, killing every cat. Every paper is written in the following way “M from M did whatever with C from L” being M the starting letter of the participants name, and the second capital letter the first letter from the LC.

So now what, who do you think is behind all this gossiping? Who moves the threads of Cerdo? Is it Runnable interface?

Remember once you are here. Madrid’s 2015 Congress. After all, CERDO IS COMING HOME!


Participant’s discretion is advised.

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