Hostel Cat’s


Cat’s Hostel

So, as many of you have requested we are about to tell you more about where our wonderful participants will be hosted during The Congress. Let’s come to the point.


Hall of Cat’s Hostel

Located at the very center of Madrid and known as one of the best party hostels in Madrid, Cat’s Hostel is a palace from the XVII century which happens to have now all bars, pubs, and discos nearby. Cool, right? Equipped with WiFi connection (You know, Instagram doesn’t get filled by itself, neither does mum’s peacefulness), 24h receptionist, free lockers, laundry, towels for rent, heating system, TV, its own bar, elevators, available computers for guests, printing system, free sheep… It is said that if you are sociable enough (An eestecer basic skill) this is the place for you

-Oh right, especially if you like to meet gho…

+What? Wait? Who are you? What are you doing on my post?

-Me? Oh, I’m just your conscience, saying they should be warned before coming…

+Warned about what?

-About ghos…

+Alright! Shut up! You are going to scare my audience, I’ll tell them.

Sorry for that guys, well, I guess you would have ended knowing it anyway, a story needs to be told.

Before the hostel was built there was a monastery were seven priests were found dead, all of them with scars that came from the same knife. Since then, and during all this years, strange things have happened in here. I still remember the nights I suffered from insomnia when I saw the photo of a tourist in the hostel with the floating image of a woman holding to hanging dead kids, or how the elevator was going up and down following the owner exactly through every floor he was going up through the stairs. People who work in the hostel say they feel suddenly tired when they come in, they suffer from headaches repeatedly. Another girl said she felt every night how someone was touching her, but she wasn’t brave enough to open her eyes. Apart from weird noises, doors that are opened inexplicably, phones that ring in the same way, what I did not want to tell you is that three years ago, a room was opened for first time since the last owner has bought the building, and they found a child shoe, and a knife full of blood. It is said, that it was the same knife that was used to murder the priests.

Then, the owner came into the room, light went off and on again and a group of people appeared from nowhere. The one of the front shouted,


Just kidding, it was real blood. We are waiting for you.
-Evil laugh incoming-



Enjoy your stay :)

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