How to make Sangría?

Hi everybody!

Because we know you love it, we want to share with you one of the most useful Spanish recipes that your friends will love. They will adore you! For barbecues, special occasions, parties, or any other day. Here it is: the recipe of SANGRÍA!



2 liters of red wine (the cheaper the better)
1 liter of lemon soda (eg. Fanta)
1 liter of orange soda (eg. Fanta)
100g of sugar
2g of cinnamon
1 orange
1 apple
1 lemon
Container or bucket with capacity for 4 liters
Vodka (in case you want to make it stronger and more interesting :P )
Long straws (in case you want to drink it straight from the container or bucket, then you will need them)

It’s really important to take into consideration how many liters you want to make, in these case it was for 4 liters, but if you want more, then just increase the amount of every ingredient in the same proportion.


Clean the container or bucket, and put the wine in it. After that, put both sodas. Cut the fruits and put them inside the bucket. Then start putting sugar (go little by little and taste it, not to put too much sugar). When the sugar is ok, add the cinnamon (also little by little and tasting it). Finally, add the ice and add a little bit of vodka if necessary. And that’s it, Sangría is ready! Now it’s time for all of you to taste the best homemade sangría, made by yourselves! ENJOY!




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